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User-friendly. Convenient. Dependable.

Are you using Commercial paging?

Use QUIKPAGER 2400 to send text messages to commercial alphanumeric pagers. After you enter a message, QUIKPAGER 2400 will use its internal modem to dialup, connect to a paging company and deliver your message.

QUIKPAGER 2400 doesn't freeze up, or depend on an internet connection to deliver your important text messages to the paging company!

Message entry backup for PageRouter solutions

You can run a cable from QUIKPAGER 2400 to connect to a PageRouter computer to input messages when there are no computers available in certain locations in your building, or simply, as a backup message entry device just in case the network goes down.

QUIKPAGER 2400 How it works:
When you want to send a message, simply type a few letters of the first or last name of the recipient or a Group to find a match, type your message, and press "Enter".

You can program up to (32) Groups and each Group can have any number of paging users taken from its internal directory.

We have QUIKPAGER 2400 for up to 200 pager users, while other models such as QUIKPAGER 500 and QUIKPAGER 1000 are for 500 and 1,000 users, respectively.

You can program up to (6) canned messages when you need to input repetitive text messages.

QUIKPAGER 2400 will use its internal modem to dialup and connect with paging companies and automatically hang-up after delivering the messages. You can type one message after the other, without having to wait for the delivery of the first message.

You could connect a printer to obtain a message log for your records, which will show the date and time of message entry, the name of the recipient and the text of the message.

Features and Specifications

This fast and user-friendly paging device is widely used in Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Dispatch Centers, to send messages to commercial pagers or to connect to our PageRouter paging systems when computers are not available.

  • Capacity Capacity for (200) pager users
  • Directory of names Program names in directory
  • Groups Create up to (32) Groups
  • Commercial paging Up to (32) Commercial paging companies
  • Canned messages (6) Programmable canned messages
  • Memory Memory for (350) messages
  • Indiviodual messages View messages sent to an individual
  • Message length Messages can be 235 characters each
  • Serial port (1) RS-232 TAP inbound/outbound serial port
  • Log Printable message log
  • Keyboard Standard-size QWERTY keyboard
  • Cloning Clone programming via a cable or dialup
  • Battery Lithium battery retains programming
  • Surge protection Internal surge protection
  • QTAP protocol Standard TAP Protocol
  • Laguanges Available in English, French and Spanish