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Factories YouTube Respond quickly to machine alarms with TeraMessage XT Wireless

How important is it for you to automatically deliver detailed machine alarms to staff, within SECONDS?

Factories, Refineries, Mines and the Industry in general, invest hundreds of thousands of Dollars in using robotics, machine automation and in implementing modern computer-based systems to increase production and reduce manufacturing costs to stay competitive.

These expensive productivity systems normally generate alarms that must quickly reach service and production staff. Traditional loudspeakers, strobes, smartphones and two-way radios are not effective in factories with a high noise environment and fail to quickly inform staff of the cause of the alarms. Alarm response time also increases for lack of accurate alarm information, prolonging the time that robots and automated machines remain stopped. This loss of time is very expensive and cannot be recovered.

Use TeraMessage XT Wireless to instantly deliver machine-generated detailed alarms to staff.

Deliver accurate machine text alarms to staff within seconds! Reduce downtime. TeraMessage XT Wireless will filter specific machine alarms based on text content for delivery to one individual or to selected Groups of people carrying CanamexCom in-house pager receivers. Optionally, TeraMessage XT can also send machine alarm messages to executives with smartphones and tablets connected to internal Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Be aware that other solutions on the market attempt to imitate TeraMessage Alarms TeraMessage XT Wireless by sending emails or SMS messages to staff with smartphones and commercial pagers, but we all know that these communication formats should not be used for critical factory alarms because are not reliable or take too long to get to the recipients.

Choose TeraMessage XT Wireless options as needed

The TeraMessage XT Wireless solution consists of a TeraMessage XT controller running PageRouter Pro software and one DigiPager Wireless paging transmitter with an antenna and accessories.

TeraMessage XT Wireless offers the following license options to configure the solution in accordance to your specific needs:

  • PageAlarm: Send machine alarms generated by robots, machines and PLC computer controllers. Send alarms to selected staff determined by programming words to match in the machine alarm text. On each match, edit the alarm text words, remove unwanted text characters, add or delete text to clarify the meaning of the machine alarm. Program who receives the alarm based on the word match.

  • TeraMessage application in factories
  • PageAlert: Program specific text of alarms in the TeraMessage XT controller to be transmitted when the corresponding machine, floor pushbutton or PLC relay contact closes, opens or both. Program escalation of alarms to be sent to secondary individuals. Use PA-16 PageAlert modules to monitor up to 96 machine and PLC relay contacts.

  • TeraMessage Mobile: Factory Managers and other executives can receive machine alarms on their smartphone and tablet, within seconds, via the local Wi-Fi or cellular networks. TeraMessage Mobile users can exchange messages between themselves and TeraMail PC users.

  • TeraMail PC: Send messages to staff from unlimited computers using a browser. There is no need to install special software clients. Administrators can organize staff by Groups and Departments. i.e.: Work Shifts, Emergency Response, Maintenance, etc.
  • PageRouter sends automatic factory alarms
  • Alarm and Message Log: Use a detailed master log of all sent alarm messages to track alarms and monitor operations. The log also stores messages sent by individuals using TeraMail and TeraMessage Mobile. Export filtered messages for your alarm statistical analysis.

  • Send us an email with your requirements at Tell us what you need. We will configure a solution at no charge.