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No matter if you are a Hospital, a Nursing Home, a Factory, a Refinery, a Hotel, a Mine, or any other type of business; you know that CRITICAL messages require immediate delivery to staff.

CRITICAL messages delivered within seconds, can save lives, avoid production losses, provide a better service, and, overall, maintain operations running at a maximum efficiency.

When you need to deliver CRITICAL messages to staff, you need a RELIABLE wireless paging solution, suitable to your specific operation requirements.

Use PageRouter Lite and PageRouter Pro paging systems, to deliver CRITICAL messages, WITHIN SECONDS, to in-house pagers.

Use PageRouter Enterprise with TeraMessage Mobile to deliver, WITHIN SECONDS TOO, CRITICAL messages to users with Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, and with Android phones and tablets. These mobile devices can be operating on your Wi-Fi network or on the cellular service.


When you use any PageRouter paging and messaging system, a detailed message log is stored only in the computer running the PageRouter software in your premises, within your firewall. Messages are not stored in any hosting service. In addition, when messages are exchanged with mobile devices running the TeraMessage app, messages travel through the Wi-Fi network or the cellular carrier, protected by AES-256 random encryption.


We offer professional paging and messaging solutions with EXTREME RELIABILITY that go beyond of just sending a message to a pager or to a smartphone. Our PageRouter paging and messaging solutions include "Message Management", which sets us apart, and gives you:

  • Messaging access control.
  • Control of who sends messages to whom, with automated recipient lists.
  • Organization of staff by Departments and Groups.
  • Easy management of Groups, which can have pager, computer and smartphone users.
  • Route control per user, to easily program and change message destinations.
  • A master message log with a detailed record of all sent and received messages.


Stop wasting time and money in maintaining your outdated in-house paging equipment. REPLACE your obsolete paging equipment with a PageRouter paging and messaging state-of-the-art solution. You can upgrade to PageRouter for OnSite paging and add TeraMessage for two-way, secure messaging between users with computers and mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, and with any Android phone and tablet device. This is the IDEAL MESSAGING SOLUTION for your private text communications.

Click here to view Videos describing the WebPager Message Management features and benefits.

Send us an email with your requirements at Tell us what you need. We will configure a solution at no charge.